IT Support

Support Services

We provide the following support services that can be bundled together to create the right support package for your business:

Server Monitoring

Our server monitoring service provides insights and alerting for key areas on your servers including hardware health, backup status, Windows and third party update status, network status and the status of important services and applications.

Server Maintenance

Our server maintenance service includes server monitoring and includes remote support for covered servers and the installation of Windows updates.

Workstation Management

Our Workstation Management service provides monitoring and management of end user devices including Windows PC’s, laptops and tablets and Mac OS devices.  This includes identifying hardware and software issues and the installation and management of Windows and third party updates.

Remote Support

The remote support service provides access to our help-desk through email, support portal and telephone for user devices covered in your package.  This allows our technicians to troubleshoot and fix identified issues over the phone using remote access software.